NO NO NO! Carpet & Upholstery Protectant

KIDS ‘N’ PETS No No No! Carpet & Upholstery Protectant is specially formulated to deter pets from chewing, scratching, and urine marking and to train pets to stay off of furniture. The Cruelty-Free, biodegradable, and non-toxic formula contains natural herbal odor repellants and an ultra-bitter taste that pets dislike, and it’s safe for use around pets and children. No No No! can be used on any water-safe surface such as carpets, upholstery, furniture, drapes, screens, auto upholstery, clothing, shoes, wires, fencing, kennels, and harmful plants both inside and outside.

Spray KIDS ‘N’ PETS No No No! on anything you wish to deter your pets from getting into and help Fido go from mischievous pest to well-behaved pet in no time!

Non-Toxic, Biodegradable and Cruelty-Free

For more ingredient information, see the Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

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How to Use

Our goal is to create formulas that are effective, safe, and convenient. Use KIDS ‘N’ PETS NO NO NO! to curb undesirable behavior and take back your sofa! When your pet stops scratching, chewing, marking, or using treated areas, reinforce their great work with praise, petting, and treats.

  1. Shake bottle well and use only on water-safe surfaces.
  2. Spray onto areas and objects that you want to protect. If you are using NO NO NO! on windows, doors, and screens, spray formula onto a cloth and then apply to the affect area.
  3. Apply twice daily for several days and then as needed until the habit is broken.
  1. Shake bottle well and use only on water-safe surfaces.
  2. Spray onto objects, furniture, shoes, and other items you want to protect. You can also spray it onto pet bandages.
  3. Apply twice daily for one week and as needed until the habit is broken.
  4. If your pet seems to tolerate objects that have been treated, offer preferred objects – such as toys – to redirect chewing behavior.
  1. Shake bottle well and use only on water-safe surfaces.
  2. Spray onto your furniture and other areas that you want your pet to avoid.
  3. Apply twice daily for several days and as needed until the habit is broken.
  4. If your pet tolerates the treated area, move him to a preferred area.
  1. Clean the area with KIDS ‘N’ PETS Stain & Odor Remover and let dry.
  2. Shake NO NO NO! well and only use on water-safe surfaces.
  3. Apply twice daily for one week and daily thereafter until the habit is broken

Customer Raves

Works for dogs and cats

“I am sooo glad you came out with such an innovative additional product with the “No No No” protectant, which also works. After trying countless urine and stain remover products, I have come to depend on and trust the Kids n Pets name. i also wanted to say that I originally wanted to test the product on our dog that has a chewing issue, but I also used it on our cat, who has managed to destroy our carpet in 3 doorways of our house (along with multiple pieces of furniture) from her scratching. Oh, how I wish I would have had this product 2 years ago!!!  ”


No More Nesting

“I have a Jack Russell that loves to lay on my bed when I’m not at home as evidenced by the multitude of white hairs in the area where she’s nested.

When I first tested KIDS N PETS NO NO NO! Carpet and Upholstery Protectant, I covered my bed with a red blanket and liberally sprayed the product onto the blanket.

When I returned home, it was evident she had been on my bed, because the red blanket had been pushed off to one side of the bed!

The next time I left her home alone, I again placed the red blanket on my bed and liberally sprayed it with the NO NO NO!  When I returned home, I noticed paw indentations across the blanket, but no signs of nesting.  She was on the bed, but she didn’t stay!

As she never gets on my bed while I’m home, I’m unable to ‘train’ her to stay off the bed.  I’m content to know that she will stay off my bed as long as the red blanket is in place.  I’m sure she thinks the red blanket is what’s bad and that is perfectly fine by me!   For me, KIDS N PETS NO NO NO! does exactly what it’s meant to do! ”

– Julie, Seattle, WA

Retrained Cats & Dogs After Two Days

We had both territorial marking problems and plant destruction. Both were resolved within two days. The kitten no longer climbs the curtains and avoids furniture areas we designated as a ‘no no’. There is no staining issues, no odor issues and just nothing that even hints of a surface covering. It is an amazing product and is going to be a household ‘have to have’. We are going to keep a supply handy that’s for sure. Cat’s are hard to redirect, but No, No, No did it and did it fast. We are down now to just two times a week as a reminder to the animals .

Our canine babies took one sniff of the sprayed area of the couch and decided it was not for them. It self teaches the animal and re-trains them to a specific behavior alteration. We have eight dogs and seven cats, and it feels wonderful to not have to be after them vocally to change a behavior that is undesirable. And it is doubly wonderful to not have messes to clean up daily. This product is a godsend. We can not thank you enough for it. Amazing!

– Jann

Urine Marking Gone

This is the first item that has helped with our cat’s peeing issue!

– Amanda

Stopped Chewing

The product worked! Our dog didn’t like the taste and we were able to keep him from chewing.

– Debbie

I Love It!

I love this product! I spray it on my couches and spots that my dogs may have accidents on – it always works!

– Celeste

It Takes Just a Spray

It worked with just one spray to keep our cat from scratching the couch for several days, and then it just takes one more spray every few days to keep working!

– Ivy

No, No, No Marking

We work with rescue cats and some have ‘issues’ with marking. This stopped that dead in it’s tracks. Love it!

– Deborah

Can’t Smell It

I really like that it is non-toxic, biodegradable and cruelty free. Also, I really like that I cannot smell the product even right after it has been sprayed on the chair!

– Karolyn