Developed by a Parent for Parents

KIDS ‘N’ PETS was founded in 2001 by a busy dad with two kids and two pets who found himself needing to clean up A LOT of messes. The company’s first product, KIDS ‘N’ PETS All Purpose Stain & Odor Remover, was formulated with two goals:

1.) Effectively get rid of both stains AND odors (especially tough odors like urine, puke and poop)

2.) Be safe enough for families and even for a child to drink (accidentally!)

There was also a strong need for simplicity! We wanted one product that parents AND pet owners (since the two often go hand in hand) could purchase to clean a variety of messes in the most common areas they occur: – carpets – car seats – mattresses – couches – clothing – walls – tiles and grout – auto upholstery – pet furniture and bedding – Any water-safe surface!

Specially Formulated for Families

For our little ones – fur and furless alike – we knew the product needed to be simple and SAFE. KIDS ‘N’ PETS is made of a cruelty free, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and biodegradable formula. Using the power of Oxygen Activated dirt removing enzymes, KIDS ‘N’ PETS is your go-to solution for every area of your home.


Today, KIDS ‘N’ PETS safe and guaranteed effective products are a top choice for families. Our products are available online at,, and and in the cleaning aisle at Walmart and local grocers nationwide. Find KIDS ‘N’ PETS near you.