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Moms and magazines nationwide have tested KIDS ‘N’ PETS on a variety of messes from potty-training and pet accidents to mysterious carpet stains to urine and foul smelling odors, and much more! Read their opinions on KIDS ‘N’ PETS for removing stains and odors.

Do you have a great stain, odor or mess to test with KIDS ‘N’ PETS? Contact us to receive a KIDS ‘N’ PETS sample for review.

Cool Mom Picks

“Whether you’re getting the house ready for guests, cleaning up after a party, or just getting your home tidy for the new year, KIDS ‘N’ PETS All-Purpose Stain and Odor Remover is an essential addition to your cleaning supplies.”

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Rookie Moms

“I’m a sucker for wipes, so I am happy to have these on hand. For those seriously in the midst of a potty training situation, note that KIDS ‘N’ PETS makes an odor- and stain- removing carpet cleaner.”

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New Age Mama

“KIDS ‘N’ PETS products are used often in our house – highly recommend!”

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More Than a Mom of Three

“What I love about the spray is how, instead of masking smells, their patented formula neutralizes and eliminates them. Great for potty-training and pet messes.”

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Mojo Savings

“From Wipes for on-the-go clean-up, to carpet cleaner for deep stains, they’re perfect for tackling every mess! Try them today!”

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“While many people look for cleaning products that are safe and non-toxic, the folks at KIDS ‘N’ PETS also recommend another necessary that is less well-known – enzymes!”

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“Enzymes work without you, so choose a non-toxic, enzyme-based cleaner like KIDS ‘N’ PETS Instant All-Purpose Stain & Odor Remover to give clothes, couches and carpets new life. Spray on spots or add to your laundry detergent or carpet cleaning machine and let the enzymes work their magic.”

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