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Moms and magazines nationwide have tested KIDS ‘N’ PETS on a variety of messes from potty-training and pet accidents to mysterious carpet stains to urine and foul smelling odors, and much more! Read their opinions on KIDS ‘N’ PETS for removing stains and odors.

Do you have a great stain, odor or mess to test with KIDS ‘N’ PETS? Contact us to receive a KIDS ‘N’ PETS sample for review.

Mom Blog Society

“The package says they clean up nearly every surface stain with no rinsing required, so I put them to the test after a craft project, on my baby’s car seat*, the stroller and even our carpets after I spilled some red wine. They not only cleaned up the mess – leaving nothing behind – the wipes removed the odor, even the spoiled milk spilled in the car seat!”

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Mom’s Cup of Ambition

“KIDS N’ PETS worked great for me!”

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Pit Stops for Kids

“You might need it. Ok, you’ll probably need it. Fine. We always need it.”

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Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog

“It is so much easier to clean up a mess immediately after it happens, but you do not always have the tools to do so. Well, now you do with Kids ‘N’ Pets Wipes. ”

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