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Moms and magazines nationwide have tested KIDS ‘N’ PETS on a variety of messes from potty-training and pet accidents to mysterious carpet stains to urine and foul smelling odors, and much more! Read their opinions on KIDS ‘N’ PETS for removing stains and odors.

Do you have a great stain, odor or mess to test with KIDS ‘N’ PETS? Contact us to receive a KIDS ‘N’ PETS sample for review.

Gina’s Kokopelli

“I’m here to tell you that Kids N Pets is by far the BEST product I’ve found to get out yucky pet smells and remove stains. I was BLOWN AWAY at how well Kids N Pets worked. Since I’ve tried Kids N Pets, I am completely hooked.   I don’t ever want to be without a bottle of this in my house.”

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3 Boys and a Dog

“I have six kids, so you can imagine what my floors look like!  I was thrilled to try this out! I could definitely smell the difference between the cleaned spots and uncleaned ones.  You can see the difference too!”

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My OKC Mommy

“Oh boy, this is a must have if you have kids and/or pets.”


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Eighty MPH Mom

“Carpet, clothing and linen – check! Grape jelly, pet vomit, grease, oil, and blood – all check! Kids ‘ N’ Pets – check and check! This is, most definitely, my new go-to cleaning product!”


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Frugal Village

“I have two large dogs, a cat and a rabbit, and while I’ve used vinegar and baking soda and a host of other homemade remedies, I’m quite fond of and prefer the Kids ‘N’ Pets product. It’s not expensive, and it gets the job done.”

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Bonkers 4 Coupons

“I have found a wonderful product called Kids n Pets Stain and Odor. The smell of it is not harsh like some chemicals, It’s has a fresh smell, not to mention it is non toxic and child safe. I highly recommend this product.”

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Home Ec 101

“How do I get stains out of the mattress? Get yourself some Kids’n’Pets… The enzymatic cleaner should take care of any pet urine issues in your mattress.”

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Tiny Green Mom

…your best defense against those inevitable accidents that puppies or kittens will have as they navigate their new surroundings,…

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Obviously MARvelous Review

…an all in one stain and odor remover that is perfect for any yucky spills or hazards on ANY water safe surface.

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I love the light fruity scent that it has, much better then the smell of bleach or flowers. Best of all it was safe to let my 4 year old help me out!”

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“I would love to get a steam cleaner but it is just not feasible right now. However after trying the KIDS N PETS Stain & Odor Remover, I don’t think I will ever have to buy one.”
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“The large bottle lasted quite a while, considering how often I went for it. It was gentle, not burning my skin or filling my home with horrible toxic smells. I felt OK about putting it on to set for awhile and maybe having my little guy walk on it with bare feet.”

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Pittsburgh Tribune “Trib-Tested”

“I definitely would recommend this product. It was very simple to use and did the job.

Kids ‘n’ Pets remover is awesome. I cleaned numerous spill spots in my family room rug and a mystery spot on my carpeted steps. Voila! It worked like magic

I would think any pet owner would want this on hand.”

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How to Clean Stuff

“How do I clean dog urine from a cashmere rug? Pour Kids ‘N’ Pets over the stain!”

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Kids ‘n’ Pets is a great green product that is safe to use around your pets, and it’s non-toxic, biodegradable, and cruelty free.”

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