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Moms and magazines nationwide have tested KIDS ‘N’ PETS on a variety of messes from potty-training and pet accidents to mysterious carpet stains to urine and foul smelling odors, and much more! Read their opinions on KIDS ‘N’ PETS for removing stains and odors.

Do you have a great stain, odor or mess to test with KIDS ‘N’ PETS? Contact us to receive a KIDS ‘N’ PETS sample for review.

Better Than Laundry

This stuff is a miracle worker. It smells pleasant. It neutralized the odor…

My Springfield Mommy

amazing product that helps you rid your home of stains and odors that come along with everyday living–particularly if you have pets and children in the home!

CRichman Freebies

I used the stain remover and wala! No issues with odor or staining….

The Brainy Buyer

I have kids and pets (and carpet stains thanks to both of them!) ….

Nickle and Diming with Nikki

KIDS ‘N’ PETS Stain and Odor Remover’s end result – no stain and no odor!! I was so happy because ….

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Become a Coupon Queen

Do your children or pets make huge messes? I know mine do….

Two Kids and a Coupon

Kids ‘N’ Pets brand cleaners are non-toxic and child safe, containing no harsh chemicals…

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Ask Away – Ellen Ross

I have been trying to find a product that can get rid of set in pet carpet stains…

Retail Me Not

Great for removing biodegradable stains and odors quickly and easily.

The Cloth Diaper Report

A wonderful stain remover that works on a number of things, even really old stains, as I found out.

A Mom’s Take

Helped a TON on their mattress! It helped to remove the unwanted urine odor!

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I Like it Frantic

Leaving us with the carpet looking like it originally did when we purchased it.

The Life of Rylie & Bryce

We have plenty of bright pink spots on the carpet from his favorite drink, but not this time! The KIDS ‘N’ PETS cleaned it right up!

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Veater Family

#1 favorite product for cleaning up kid messes and pet messes…

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Thrifty Nifty Mom

Amazingly, the floor is as good as new! No spots anywhere…