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Moms and magazines nationwide have tested KIDS ‘N’ PETS on a variety of messes from potty-training and pet accidents to mysterious carpet stains to urine and foul smelling odors, and much more! Read their opinions on KIDS ‘N’ PETS for removing stains and odors.

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Tobacco smell from auto interior

You can successfully remove the tobacco smell with KIDS ‘N’ PETS

Mom to Bed by 8 Review of KIDS ‘N’ PETS

There is always a spill of some kind, some days koolaid and some days hamster pee

My Springfield Mommy’s Review of KIDS ‘N’ PETS

We have been fighting a combination of potty training and an aging cat making accidents

KIDS ‘N’ PETS Carpet Cleaning Solution

Sometimes it pays to search around for a product that might not be a household name but, nevertheless, does a great job at a great price and the Kids ‘n’ Pets brand of cleaners seem to fit that category.

Mommy Octopus’ Review of KIDS N’ PETS

This is sure to be a new staple cleaning product in my house!

Mommy’s Memoramdum: Clean Ups a Cinch with KIDS ‘N’ PETS

As a mother of six she gets to see more than her share of messes and stains!

Annies Shop: KIDS ‘N’ PETS Review

A mother of 6, grandma to 1, aunt to many and pet lover as well, she has seen her share of messes and stains!

Home Repair Geek-Cat urine Removal

Today, the most effective way to tackle cat pee odor is organically…

Couponing to Disney KIDS ‘N’ PETS Review

KIDS ‘N’ PETS really came in handy the other night when my daughter threw up at 1 in the morning…

Review: KIDS ‘N’ PETS Cleaner – Cheap and Creative Blog

While KIDS’N’PETS doesn’t classify itself as a “green” all-purpose cleaner, it is biodegradable and safe, even with kids and pets!

Kids ‘N’ Pets Product Review – Mommies In Mind

I have a toddler; an infant and a dog who all like to challenge me and make a mess.

Product Review: Kids ‘n Pets Cleaner- Penny Pinchin Mom

I immediately thought “I have Kids. I have Pets…

Got Stains? Product Review of Kids N Pets Frugal Fabulous Finds

I had the opportunity to try out a Brand New Stain & Odor Remover product today and fell in love with it!