How to Maximize the Cleaning Power of KIDS ‘N’ PETS

KIDS ‘N’ PETS can be used on just about anything from clothing and carpet to counters and mattresses. To help you maximize the cleaning power of KIDS ‘N’ PETS, we’re sharing a few Do’s and Don’ts below!


  • Soak up as much of the stain, spill or mess as possible
  • Before using KIDS ‘N’ PETS to remove stains and odors on your furniture, be sure to check the manufacturer’s label for the cleaning code:
    • W: Cleanable with water-based cleaners like KIDS ‘N’ PETS
    • S: Dry clean only or use a solvent sparingly but do not use a water-based cleaner
    • X: Not cleanable – vacuum only
  • Shake your bottle of KIDS ‘N’ PETS before using
  • Saturate* the affected area with KIDS ‘N’ PETS 
    • *If the affected material is leather, pour the product onto a clean, dry cloth and wipe on a generous amount. After a couple of minutes, wipe the area with another clean, dry cloth
  • Let the product sit and enzymes work their magic for about 5 minutes, then wipe with a clean, dry cloth
  • If the stain is old (it happens), let the product sit for an hour or more. Repeat the process 2-3 times if the stain or smell persists 


  • Don’t use chemical cleaners before KIDS ‘N’ PETS. Enzymes in the stain and odor remover can become non-effective if used after other cleaning products
    • If other products have been used, thoroughly clean the area with water to get rid of any residue of the previously used products. Let the area dry completely, then apply KIDS ‘N’ PETS
  • Don’t let your pet revisit the scene of their accident before it dries. During the drying process, urine odor is lifted and eliminated. If your pet has access to the area while it is drying, they may re-mark the area
  • Don’t use KIDS ‘N’ PETS on a non-water safe surface (see above for how to determine if the surface is water-safe or not!)

Good luck on your cleaning adventures and remember, KIDS ‘N’ PETS has your back!

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