So, What Are Enzymes and How Do They Help Me Clean?

You might know enzymes as those little cells that breakdown food in your digestive system, but they do so much more! 

When it comes to cleaning, enzymes are tough elements that breakdown stains and odors, making them the perfect solution for natural, non-toxic cleaning. That’s why KIDS ‘N’ PETS uses enzymes as our not-so-secret ingredient in our products!

Here’s how you can put enzymes to work in your home:

Q: How do enzymes work?

A: Enzymes accelerate chemical reactions and the breakdown of organic materials, causing your stains and odors to vanish.

Spot a stain? Grab your enzyme-based product fast! They do their best work if the stain hasn’t set in yet. If you have an older stain, enzymes can still work their wizardry. You’ll just need to let the product soak in for longer and it may take a few times to remove completely.

 Q: What types of stains and odors do enzymes work on?

A: They work on everything from grass stains to food stains, throw-up to poop, from a potty-training accident to a muddy puppy in the house, and from marker stains to wine spills.

Enzymes are also one of the only cleaning agents that can eliminate ammonia, the stinky scent in animal urine. Enzymes will get rid of urine smell, making it less likely that pets will return to the scene of the crime for round two.

Q: How else can I use enzymes?

A: Use enzymes on any water-safe surface in your home including tile, tables, bedding, strollers, couches, carpets, clothing, and even car upholstery.

Kids, including the furry kind, make life messy, but enzyme-based cleaning products help you manage the mess without nasty chemicals. Check out our enzyme-based Instant All-Purpose Stain & Odor Remover to reclaim your clean!

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