Celebrate National Cat Day by Following 4 of Our Favorite Felines

Happy National Cat Day! To help you and your purring pals celebrate, were sharing four of our favorite feline Instagram celebrities. 

Images via @hamilton_the_hipster_cat on Instagram

Hamilton @hamilton_the_hipster_cat 

Hamilton “The Hipster Cat” gets his name from his unmistakable, purr-fectly formed, white mustache which has made him one of the most popular cats to follow. However, Hammy, as his owners affectionately call him, has not always been an Instagram superstar. He was rescued by the Humane Society in Silicon Valley after being found living on the streets. Despite Hamilton’s skittishness toward most humans, when he first met his owner, they had an instant connection and both knew it was meant to be! Hamilton and his human-family are now advocates for adopt-don’t-shop and a portion of proceeds from Hamilton’s merch is given to animal shelters around the country. 

 Images via @pisco_cat on Instagram

Pisco @pisco_cat 

This cat’s giant, captivating eyes are hard to miss and easy to love! Pisco is a Golden British Shorthair who lives in New York City and spends his days cuddling with his owners and dressing up in silly costumes. Pisco’s paw-pularity has grown so much that he even has his own merch! Pisco Popsocket anyone?!

 Images via  @venustwofacecat on Instagram

Venus @venustwofacecat 

In 2012, Venus was discovered when a picture of her gorgeous, mysterious face was posted on Reddit. She immediately captured the attention of media including People, National Geographic and Smithsonian Magazine who explained the science behind Venus’ purr-fectly split-colored face. Media attention paw-pelled her to internet-stardom and led to her 1.9 million Instagram followers! Venus now uses her platform to share adorable pictures of herself and advocate for adopt-don’t-shop.

Images via @katieandfrankie  on Instagram

Katie and Frankie @katieandfrankie

Kaden and Franklin, or Katie and Frankie as they are known on Instagram, are a British Shorthair and a Standard Longhair munchkin cats. This means they have adorably short legs and attention-grabbing eyes. When they’re not busy paws-ing for Instagram pictures better than most humans, they spend their days kitten-around with each other wearing matching bow ties.