Celebrate National Dog Day by Following Our 5 Favorite Pups

Image via @mensweardog on Instagram

To celebrate National Dog Day on August 26, we’re sharing our five favorite four-legged Instagram celebs who brighten up our feeds daily! 

Norbert @NorbertTheDog:

Norbert is an adorable, three-pound therapy dog with a permanent, always-endearing blep. He was the only pup in his litter, so his mom knew he was special from day one! Norbert now spends his days volunteering at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, helping his mom write children’s books (in which he is obviously the star), and playing with his not-so-little brother Fred, a golden retriever.

Doug the Pug @ItsDougThePug:

Doug is living the life— as the self-proclaimed “King of Pop Culture,” he mingles with celebrities (any Stranger Things fans out there?), breaks puppy fashion barriers left and right, and is always trying the latest food trends. Doug recently launched a line of dog toys inspired by his favorite foods. And don’t worry, humans—he also has a line of plush toys and accessories at Claire’s for you, too. Give Doug a follow to join him on his colorful adventure as he conquers the pet world. 

Bodhi @MenswearDog:

Bodhi, a tan and cream Shiba Inu, is known as “The Most Stylish Dog in the World,” and we have to agree! His claim to fame is his ability to model stylish men’s clothing with as much poise and swagger any human superstar! Bodhi’s time in the spotlight began in 2013 when a picture of him rocking a stylish menswear outfit went viral. Since then, his Instagram following has grown to more than 379k and he has been featured in The New York Times, GQ, Time Magazine and more!

Sprout @brussels.sprout:

Sprout is a tiny Brussels Griffon with a big personality, and even bigger ears. He lives the high-life in New York City, hitting all the hip restaurants and lounging in the Hamptons on warm summer weekends. He may look grumpy, but it’s all a facade—he’ll melt your heart every time his big, puppy-dog eyes pop up in your feed!

Jackson @Jackson_The_Dalmatian

Jackson is a spunky, bow-tie-wearing Dalmatian who spends his days playing with his puppy friends. He loves trying out new outfits and accessories; bow ties and fedoras are his favorites! He also attends local events and is a beloved member of the Houston community. Follow Jackson to see what fun accessories he’ll try next!

Who are your favorite pups to follow?! Let us know on Facebook and Instagram