Back to School Gifts for Teachers

Going back to school can be a crazy time for all involved. Let your kiddo’s teacher know you appreciate all the preparation they’ve done to make this the best school year yet!

We’ve gathered five of our favorite back to school gifts for the wonderful teachers in your life:

  1. Clever candy:
  • Attach a colorful note to a mason jar of candy
  • Write something clever like: “This year is going to be sweet!” or “O-fish-ally wishing you the best school year ever!” on a jar of candy fish

2. Punny Pens:

  • Attach a note to a pack of highlighters or fun-colored pens that says “Have a bright school year!” or “Mark my words… it’s going to be a great year!”

3. School-year survival kit: 

  • Organized boss: Fun paper clips to hold everything together, notebook and sticky-notes to keep track of their best ideas, and rubber bands to remind them to be flexible
  • Healthy and clean: Kids ‘N’ Pets for every mess, Lotion to have a smooth start to every day, hand sanitizer, tea, etc.

5. Personalized pencils:

  • Teachers’ supplies are constantly getting lost or used by others, give them something that has their name on it like these custom pencils so they can keep track of what’s theirs!

6. Get them what they really want:

  • Print out a survey like the one below from A Girl and A Glue Gun and learn exactly what your teacher likes. They’ll appreciate the extra thought you are putting in!
  • Use the completed survey to give the teacher a gift basket of treats or even a gift card from their favorite store

Teachers work hard to help children become the best versions of themselves and they deserve to be pampered! Whatever you do for the teachers in your life, they will appreciate you acknowledging their hard work. 

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