Dad Moments That Will Make Your Heart Melt!

Father’s Day is for honoring dads, uncles, grandpas, stepfathers and those who have acted as father figures. It’s about showing extra love and gratitude to those who have inspired us.

Whether you’re celebrating with a fun family bike ride in the sun, a hike or brunch (it’s okay if you spill, we’ve got you covered!), the most important part of the day is letting dad know how much you love and appreciate him.

We’re sharing a few celebrity and influencer dad moments that make our hearts melt and inspire us through the crazy, but fulfilling, journey of fatherhood!

@tiesandfries, Josh Davis

“Here I am with my incredible kids whom I wouldn’t trade for anyone or anything. I love sharing some of my favorite music and movies with my kids. We went to see The Incredibles 2 for the first viewing on the first morning it was out in theaters. It was on a Friday and felt like we were all playing hooky, skipping school, but it was actually an official day off. They love eating their popcorn and fruit snacks in the theater’s reclining chairs, and we love being together!” – Josh Davis

@twodadsandakid, Manii

“Love living life and sharing incredible moments with these two humans.” – Manii

@daxshepard, Dax Shepard

“She thinks her dad’s cool. That’ll change in a few years, so I’m relishing every single second of it while it lasts. We had so much fun getting muddy yesterday. Second weekend in a row a power washer was required. Life is good.” – Dax Shephard

@dangerusswilson, Russell Wilson

“Special Bond. Mornin’ Ballet with my baby girl. ❤️ #ShesGotTheMovesLikeCiara #SorryJagger @Ciara” – Russell Wilson

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