The Ultimate Guide to Pet-Friendly Activities This Spring

There is no better way to spring into summer than with your four-legged bestie. It can sometimes be hard to find activities that both you, and your pet will enjoy, but don’t fret, we’ve pulled together a list of pet-friendly activities to try!

Exercise together

There is no sweeter smell than the fresh scent of spring to kick your workout routine into high-gear! The only thing your morning workout is missing is a furry co-jogger. Grab their leash and your favorite playlist and hit the sidewalk running! Your pup will love being outdoors, and so will you.

Visit dog-friendly restaurants

What would pair well with a patio table at your favorite restaurant? Four little legs right beside you, of course! Find a local restaurant or cafe that allows pets to hang out with you while you dine. They will be elated from all the extra love they receive from people walking by.

Play in the sprinklers

Springtime means warmer weather, and warmer weather gives us the perfect excuse to play in water! Turn on the sprinklers and let your furry friend run through them while simultaneously trying to drink the water. It will be equal parts hilarious and relaxing.

Doga (Dog Yoga)

Disclaimer: this may become your new favorite activity!Doga is a partner yoga class that you do with your dog! Imagine practicing downward facing dog with your actual dog, mind boggling! Not only is it a fun idea, it also comes with health benefits for you and your pet. Although it’s still a relatively new concept, many cities offer a few classes a week for your four-legged pal.   

Spend a day at the beach

We’re not the only ones who enjoy cooling off by the lake or ocean after a sunny day. Pack up the sunscreen, snacks, and beach towels and head to open waters! Long stretches of sandy beaches will give you plenty of room to play fetch. You might even make friends with other pups!