How To Spend Valentine’s Day With Your Pet

Valentine’s Day is a holiday meant to be shared with those who you love, so why not enjoy it with your  your four-legged friend? There are plenty of fun and pet-friendly activities for you to do! We’ve created a list of ideas to choose from.

  1. Do something they love

There is nothing your furry friend will appreciate more than a day spent at the park. If it’s too chilly to play outside, you can move the fun inside and treat them to  endless belly rubs. Whatever it is that brings your pet joy – do it. Whether it’s dangling a string in front of them or throwing a ball while playing fetch, you will make their entire week by giving them a little extra TLC.   

2. Give them a special treat

Valentine’s Day can be admired for many reasons, one being the endless amount of candy and chocolates. Unfortunately, our pets can’t indulge the same way we can, and that’s where pet-friendly treats come in! You can find them at your local grocery store, or you may even be lucky enough to find a speciality bakery that makes personalized treats for those who bark and meow.   

3. Let them pick out a new toy

Take your wet-nosed friend with you and shop the endless aisles of plush animals and rope toys. Give them a few options and see which they choose. You can even pick up an extra bag of treats, if you’re feeling extra lovey.  

4. Go to a pet-friendly bar or cafe

There are many restaurants and coffee shops that allow pets to sit with you as you indulge. They mayeven offer your furry friend their own special treat for being “such a good boy.” This is fun and relaxing for the both of you! Plus, your pet is guaranteed to get an exorbitant amount of love from people walking by. Tis the season!    

5. Take all the photos

If you didn’tt take a picture, did it really even happen? Make sure you take lots of selfies with your pet. If you want to get really creative, try a snapchat or instagram filter. They might think it’s a little strange to see you with dog ears and whiskers, but hey it’s your pet, they won’t judge! We’ve included this as the last item, because all of the others will wear them out enough to ensure you get a good picture.  

All in all, the most important thing to remember is to have fun and spread all the love, even to those who are only a few feet off the ground!

Don’t forget to share with us your favorite ways to spend Valentine’s Day with your pet!