Surviving the Messes of Motherhood

Eden Lee of @loverlees says that if she “could sum up motherhood in one photo it’d probably be this one” #kidsnpetsmom

Ask any mother and she will tell you that entering motherhood was one of the best and most rewarding experiences of her life. In the same breath, she will also probably confess that she hasn’t showered in a week and somehow keeps discovering new stains on the carpet from who knows what! It can be tiring caring for little ones 24/7 while also trying to keep up with cooking, cleaning and most importantly self-care. To make navigating motherhood a little easier, we have compiled a list of tips and tricks to help keep your sanity in check.

First and foremost, get some sleep

It’s important to sleep when and where you can when you have little ones. Sleep somehow seems to become rare when you become a parent.  When the kids and pets are sleeping, try and rest too. Even if you can’t fall asleep completely, at least lie down and relax. Most importantly, don’t forget to ask for help, whether it’s from your family, friends, a sitter, or partner, it’ll allow you to step back and take a few for yourself. Everyone needs a little bit of help sometimes. No one is their best self when they’re tired.

Figure out what works best for you and your family

Trial and error is your best friend, especially if you’re a new mother. Figuring out what teaching techniques and processes stick may take a few tries, but eventually you’ll know what is right for your kids. Remember to have patience because every child is different in their own way! This is also true for the products you surround your children with, whether it’s the toys, food, books, furniture and cleaning product, it’s important to find products that you can trust and make you feel safe. Ashley, the mother of two, expresses her trust and appreciation for KIDS ‘N’ PETS, “Thankful for @kidsnpetsbrand for their amazing set of cleaning products for helping us take care of these messes! Best yet they are parent tested and parent approved!”

Always come prepared – that includes snacks

When you leave the house always make sure to be fully equipped with back-ups of everything in the diaper bag, including snacks for not only the kids, but for yourself. Tissues, paper towels and some KIDS ‘N’ PETS spray always come in handy too! For those messes you can’t anticipate, mother of three, Eden Lee shares how KIDS ‘N’ PETS helped with her unexpected holiday messes, “ I’m dead serious when I tell you that @kidsnpetsbrand completely saved me this year.. an entire bottle of cranberry juice dropped on my white rug… permanent red marker drawn all over my dining room table… and that infamous muddy snow tracked in and out of the house… all gone without a trace! I’m not even kidding, this stuff is a necessity if you’ve got wild monkeys like I do!”  

Last but not least, enjoy it

Although the sleepless nights and stained carpets aren’t ideal, all the sweet memories are what you’ll remember most about motherhood. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, remember to take a deep breath and press reset. It is such a beautiful journey, one that you will never forget. Mother of one, Celeste Wright shares her advice for handling the messier parts of life, “KIDS ‘N’ PETS handles the mess, so there’s more time for life’s sweet moments.”

We at KIDS ‘N’ PETS strive to make motherhood as simple and easy as possible. We do this by providing cleaning products that are safe to use around your kiddos and your furry friends. We want to make sure you spend less time worrying about the messes and more time creating long lasting memories.

Let us know your tips and tricks to conquering motherhood below!