Beat the Heat: Summer Mess Solutions

In the summertime heat, we all try to find ways to make the most of the weather (and the kids’ time off from school). Whether you’re camping, hosting a barbeque or swimming, messes can happen. You don’t have to give up your favorite hot-weather past-times just to avoid a mess. Read on to explore the ways that you can have fun (and keep clean!) this summer.


We’ve made some of our favorite memories when camping with our families, but roughing it in the woods often requires an assortment of gear and planning (well, for mom at least). While your tent sits in the garage or storage unit during the fall and winter months, you run the risk of mold and mildew piling up.

To thoroughly clean your tent before and after an excursion, simply fill a kiddie pool with cool water and add in just an ounce or so of our enzymatic cleaner. Open up any zippers or pouches on your tent and submerge it entirely for about 10-15 minutes. After it’s done soaking, simply hang to dry and you’re good to go!


An outdoor barbecue is simply a summertime staple. You can’t go wrong with fresh air, friends and food, right? Quick, easy meals make for a stress free set-up, but what about when the kids come running back to the kitchen to drop off their plates and you notice that their clothes are covered in ketchup and mustard (did they even manage to get any into their mouths?)?

Our enzymatic cleaners are safe and effective to use on clothing! As soon as you spot a stain, rinse with cold water and press the back side of the fabric to “force” the stain out. Then you can go in with one of our enzymatic cleaning products to pre-treat the stain before laundering as usual, giving the clothing time to sit with the cleaner working for a few minutes. Once it pops out of the wash, it’ll be good as new! (Until the next barbecue…)


It’s no secret that most dogs love to swim and play in the water. Where do you think the phrase “smells like a wet dog” came from? It’s all fun and games until Sparky starts stinking up the car on the ride home.

Our enzymatic cleaners are non-toxic and safe enough to spray directly on your pet! After your pup has had his fun in the water, give him a quick towel dry to soak up excess moisture, then give him a spray of the cleaner and you’re good to go! If he makes it into the house before you get the chance to prevent a mess, have no fear. You can use the same cleaner on your carpets, furniture or any other water safe surface that your dog has touched.

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