Gain Independence from Pet Stains this 4th of July

The fireworks display every 4th of July may be a grand spectacle for us, but for our pets it can often be a major source of stress. Even the most well behaved pets have the potential to not act like themselves in a panicked situation. Take these steps to extra pet-proof your home in preparation for fireworks and learn how to deal with the (hopefully minimal) aftermath.

To Prepare:

-Use child-proof latches to secure cabinets and drawers. In a panic, dogs may claw at doors to find some kind of escape. Keep the contents protected by taking these measures.

-Remove hand towels and any hanging materials from drawer handles to avoid them being chewed or shredded.

-Clear your refrigerator of any magnets or photos to avoid them being scattered all over the floor if your pet knocks against them.

-Take down any flower vases, precariously hanging wall art or other delicate art pieces and store in a safe place. The last thing you want to hear is the breaking of glass as Rover runs around the room!

-Ensure all wires from lamps, televisions, stereos and speakers are out of reach (or even unplugged) so that your pet doesn’t trip or get tangled up in them. 

The unfortunate reality of our pets getting spooked or panicked is that they may have an accident somewhere in our homes. After the fireworks have ceased and the crew heads back inside for the night, feel at ease with any messes you may find with our Instant All Purpose Stain & Odor Remover. The non-toxic, biodegradable, cruelty free formula is safe to use on carpets, furniture, mattresses, clothing or any water-safe surface.

Enjoy your summer festivities now that you’re armed with the best tips and tricks for your pet. Wish you a happy and safe Fourth of July from all of us at KIDS ‘N’ PETS!