What our customers have to say about KIDS ‘N’ PETS

We can go on and on about the many uses for KIDS ‘N’ PETS – we won’t, don’t worry 😊. We can also direct you to our online mess assessor if you’re wondering which product is best for your specific mess. We’re pretty sure that you’ll love our formula (not that we’re biased 😊), but don’t take it from us. Here are just a few of the things our customers have to say about KIDS ‘N’ PETS.

As a parent, you probably spend a lot of time in a car, jam-packed with your kids, their friends and pets.

“After our puppy had a major accident all over the inside of the car, KIDS ‘N’ PETS made it so easy to clean up and the smell instantly disappeared.” – Sarah from Michigan

Our enzymatic cleaner won’t leave behind a chemical odor. But don’t take our word for it – take it from someone with an ultra-sensitive nose!

“I tried KIDS ‘N’ PETS on a whim after a professional-strength cleaner left a horrible chemical odor and didn’t eliminate the cat smell. KIDS ‘N’ PETS worked in minutes – my ultra-sensitive nose couldn’t detect a trace of the odor! I can’t thank you enough – you’ve converted me into a forever customer!” – Margo from Washington

We don’t recommend waiting 2-3 years to remove a stain, but if you do…

“I had 2-3 year old pet vomit stains on a blue carpet and never expected the results I got from KIDS ‘N’ PETS stain remover would be so mind blowing!!!! Gone-Gone-Gone are the stains!!!!! Thank you for a great product.” – Becky

Our pleasure! We’re here for everyone’s messes!

“This product is the best! With three cats, a puppy and two kids, it’s amazing at removing all kinds of urine smells and stains. Thank you!!” – Mariah

Our patented formula neutralizes and eliminates mysterious odors so you don’t have to buy a new vacuum!

“It works AMAZING! It’s gotten out every odor I’ve tried it on so far. Pet urine out of carpet, smelly sweaty sneakers, and I even sprayed each part of my vacuum cleaner individually because it smelled like dog. Just saved myself from going to buy a new vacuum. I will never buy another odor remover ever.” – Heather

For all of the times you wished that your fawns would stop making a mess inside the house…

“We have several fawns that we care for while they are little or sick. The safest place for them is in our home. We keep them in bathrooms or laundry area, but sometimes they have accidents on our carpet that we wish we didn’t have. I found this product at Walmart. It is a great product, it works. It removes stains and smells from carpets. I love it.” – Steve and Leicel from Texas

When you don’t want to remind your dogs of the accidents they’ve made…

“I cannot imagine being without KIDS ‘N’ PETS Stain and Odor Remover. It’s so effective that even my dogs cannot tell where they have had an accident before.” – Patti from California

We know walking through your home is like navigating through a minefield of messes. We’re glad to be a part of your cleaning arsenal!

“It is such a life saver at our home. I am a married working mother of three beautiful children and I can honestly say we never go without KIDS ‘N’ PETS in our cleaning arsenal. The smell is amazing.” – Shirley from Ohio

Now that’s what we call a lifesaver! We know that life gets messy, so we’re here to help clean up!

“This truly is the best odor and fabric cleaner in the world! I have yet to find a stain it doesn’t remove. It’s tackled everything in my life from lipstick stains to ink spills on clothes, and every pet stain you can imagine.”- Jessica from Tennessee

We’re happy to help!

“We finally found a product that cleans everything and smells good in the process. We just cannot say enough good things about KIDS ‘N’ PETS. Thank you so much for a great product.” – Dennis from Oregon

We love hearing how KIDS ‘N’ PETS comes to the rescue when you, your little ones or your furry friends make a mess. Do you have an experience using our products you would like to share? Tell us here! You can also stay in touch with us on Instagram or Facebook.