Making Quick Clean-Up of Summer Messes Safe

Warm weather is making its way across the country and with it comes days spent at the beach, picnics in the park, sporting events, and memory-making family road trips. As kids and pets head outdoors for adventures, their return is often marked with dirty, sticky, smelly stains and odors. In the hustle and bustle most moms and dads reach for an all-purpose wipe to quickly clean up these messes. And why not? They’re fast, easy and portable. But is your favorite wipe safe?

We often worry about our kids accidentally ingesting cleaning products, and all-purpose wipes aren’t an exception. You keep them away from little hands, but did you know that the youngest tots are most vulnerable to chemical exposure? Moms use all-purpose wipes for everything – toys, car seats, counters and floors too. Kids virtually live on the floor and in direct exposure to chemicals like ammonia, a common ingredient in many all-purpose wipes known to cause respiratory illnesses, like asthma.

How to pick the safest all-purpose wipe

Choosing safe wipes will help you clean up messes fast while keeping your family away from harm. Here are a few tips for choosing the best all-purpose wipe for your family:

  • Read the label and make sure you can pronounce the ingredients. In general, the shorter the list, the better.
  • Look for “biodegradable” and “non-toxic,” but veer away from “all-natural.” This word feels good, but it doesn’t mean the wipes are good for you. Did you know ammonia is a natural substance?
  • Reach for an unscented or “naturally-scented” product. The “clean smell” we use as a badge of honor actually comes from fragrances developed using phthalates, which are known to disrupt hormones and harm reproductive health in both humans and our furry friends.
  • Avoid anything that needs to be rinsed after use. This not only takes away from their “convenience factor,” it lifts the veil on the product’s safety.

Summer days are meant for backyard fun, runs through the sprinkler and mud pies. Next time you reach for an all-purpose wipe to clean it all up, make sure it does its job safely, like our new Instant All-Purpose Stain & Odor Remover Wipes.