Why Your Garbage Can is Keeping You from a Clean Kitchen

What does your kitchen smell like? Savory sauces bubbling on the stove? Sweet treats baking in the oven? Fresh produce mingling with herbs? Or is there something else lurking in there? One whiff of the garbage can is enough to ruin your appetite and keep you from enjoying a clean, odor-free environment in which to cook, eat, and entertain. What can you do about it?

The Trash Is Out – But the Smell’s Still In

Emptying the garbage seems like the logical solution! And it does help. Unfortunately, malodors are often left behind. Even if you use bags and liners, food particles cling, liquids leak, residue forms, and odors can become embedded into the can itself. This creates the ideal environment for bacteria, which create a foul smell in your kitchen.

Cleaning the Trash Can

It’s a dirty job, as they say, but someone has to do it. And that someone is you! Some tips:

  • Use rubber gloves when cleaning. This will help protect you from germs and make the thought of reaching your hands into the trash can a little less daunting.
  • Remove any loose residue. In addition to creating unpleasant smells, bugs and vermin are drawn to easy meals. You want to remove anything that will entice them into your kitchen. Some people swear by using toilet brushes (clean ones dedicated to the kitchen, of course!) for this task.
  • If you can, take the can outside and hose it down thoroughly. If you don’t have access to a hose, rinse it inside, using your sink or a bucket of water. Pat dry with paper towels.
  • Apply an enzymatic cleaner with Ordenone. This is your secret weapon in the fight against odors. Ordenone captures the malodors, locking them up tight. This stops the smell immediately. Enzymes then work to break down the malodors, and any remaining traces of food, completely.
  • Let the product sit for 5 minutes. If there are particularly tough or persistent odors or stains, leave it on for as long as one hour.
  • Wipe clean, and take a deep breath. Smell that? That’s the smell of clean.
  • Repeat weekly or as needed. Regular cleaning will help your kitchen stay odor-free.

Kitchen trash cans are a necessity – but they’re often a smelly necessity. Taking a few minutes to clean with a nontoxic, biodegradable product keeps the odors away, restores appetites, and makes the entire house look, feel, and smell better.