Can I Remove Smells Without Nasty Chemicals? Yes – Here’s How

Life stinks sometimes. If it’s not the diaper pail or the garbage can, it’s the not-quite-housetrained puppy or the not-quite-potty-trained toddler. Cleaning floors, carpets, furniture, and other surfaces removes visible evidence of messes, but often, the odors linger long after. Air fresheners mask smells – and often create a combination that’s worse than the original offender! So, how can you completely eliminate unpleasant scents? Ordenone. This odor-encapsulating compound will help you breathe easier.

What is Ordenone?

Ordenone doesn’t disguise odors. But what exactly does it do? It traps malodors. Let’s say that your cat has taken to using a spot in your living room as a litter box alternative. When you apply a cleaner with Ordenone to the mess, the compound surrounds the malodors and traps them. The stinky molecules are now permanently encapsulated in the Ordenone’s structure. It’s a malodor prison, and Ordenone has thrown away the key.

For a powerful one-two punch, opt for a cleaner that combines Ordenone and enzymes. While the malodors are trapped, the enzymes work to break them down. This eliminates the odor completely. Not only do you achieve a deep clean, your pets won’t be able to detect their scent. This revokes their license to go there, a useful trick if you are housetraining or dealing with pet “accidents.”

Don’t Mask: Remove

Now, let’s talk about air fresheners for a bit. Consumers face aisle after aisle of sprays, powders, wicks, spritz, melts, and other products that claim to battle odors. Most of these products contain harmful chemicals, and they do not remove smells. But they don’t do nothing. These chemicals can increase the odds of developing asthma by as much as 71 percent – with as little as one exposure per week – as well as decrease lung function. Not to mention the headaches, nausea, and elevated heart rate.*

Ordenone is different. It is a natural, water-based compound. This is a critical distinction, especially if you have children with developing lungs, and pets. You can use products that contain Ordenone on everything from carpets to your clothing; it is completely safe.

For clean that goes beyond the surface, there is no better choice than Ordenone. Safe, non-toxic, and effective on any and every malodor you can imagine – including those you don’t want to imagine – Ordenone is nature’s way of tidying up and leaving behind nothing but the fresh scent of clean.