Commonly Asked Questions

Everyday KIDS ‘N’ PETS receives calls from customers asking a wide range of questions from how to remove pet urine using KIDS ‘N’ PETS to where to buy KIDS ‘N’ PETS. To help we have posted our most common questions and answers. If you have additional questions that you can not find an answer for on the website feel free to call 1-877-846-7826, email: or Contact Us.

Q: What do I do if my child drinks KIDS ‘N’ PETS?
A: If your child should get KIDS ‘N’ PETS in their mouth, their first reaction will be to spit it out because it tastes really bad. KIDS ‘N’ PETS is non-toxic and not harmful if swallowed. The remedy for ingestion of KIDS ‘N’ PETS is to drink a lot of water to aid in flushing out your body. There is no long term affect to ingesting KIDS ‘N’ PETS.

Q: My dog was skunked! Can I use KIDS ‘N’ PETS on my dog?
Yes! Shake up the bottle and pour the KIDS ‘N’ PETS directly onto your dog. Work into your dog’s fur and let it air dry. When odor is gone you can then give your dog a bath. Be careful to avoid your pet’s tender areas like eyes, nose, mouth and rear end.
Repeat the process if the odor remains or lingers.

Q: How do I know if KIDS ‘N’ PETS is safe to use on my furniture?
Before using KIDS ‘N’ PETS on your furniture, be sure to check the manufacturer’s label for the cleaning code:

  • W: Can be cleaned with water-based cleaners like KIDS ‘N’ PETS
  • S: Dry clean only or use a solvent sparingly but do not use a water-based cleaner.
  • X: Not cleanable – vacuum only

Q: I used KIDS ‘N’ PETS on my carpet, and it made it look like my carpet was bleached in the area that I used it. Did KIDS ‘N’ PETS bleach my carpet and what can I do to fix it?
A: There is no ingredient in KIDS ‘N’ PETS that will cause a bleaching affect. If you use KIDS ‘N’ PETS to clean a small area of your carpet and it later appears to have been bleached, it could be that the entire carpet needs to be cleaned.
Urine and vomit are both very acidic and can frequently “burn” or “bleach” carpets and other fabrics. Sometimes, when stain is removed, there is a bleached spot that appears. This is damage caused by the strong acids in both urine and vomit. It is always best to try and treat urine and vomit stains ASAP.
A good test for your carpet is to take a cap full of KIDS ‘N’ PETS and pour it directly onto your carpet in an inconspicuous location. Check the area the next day. If you cannot see where the KIDS ‘N’ PETS was applied, then Kids N Pets will be safe to use on your entire carpet.

Q: I used several bottles of KIDS ‘N’ PETS and the odor came back. What now?
The enzymes in KIDS ‘N’ PETS can become non-effective if used after other cleaning products have been applied to the affected area.
KIDS ‘N’ PETS works best if it is the first and only product used. If other products have been used, you will want to thoroughly clean the area with clean water to get rid of any residue of the previously used products. Let the area dry completely and then use KIDS ‘N’ PETS as directed on the bottle.

Q: I purchased your product yesterday, and I was wondering whether it is safe on leather. Our cat pooped on our leather couch, and I have been unable to get rid of the odor. Also, there is a slight stain. Any recommendations?”
A: Give your bottle of KIDS ‘N’ PETS a couple of shakes, pour onto a clean, dry cloth and wipe a generous amount of KIDS ‘N’ PETS on the area where your cat messed. After a couple of minutes, wipe the area with another clean, dry cloth. Let the area completely dry and repeat the treatment 2-3 times if necessary.
KIDS ‘N’ PETS works best if used in generous amounts and is left to dry naturally. Because KIDS ‘N’ PETS is water-based and has a small amount of alcohol, you will want to use the product carefully as to not damage your leather.

These questions can also be found on our Facebook page or you can find other commonly asked questions in the Q&A section. Hope this helps answer some of your questions about KIDS ‘N’ PETS!