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Our customers mean the world to us and their rave reviews are why we do what we do. Read their stories here and contribute your own if you’d like!

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My son is 6 years old, non verbal and autistic. He hasn’t had this issue for almost a year and it started again last week. He started smearing his poop and peeing in his room. I would only leave him alone for a short time but I guess that’s all it takes.
I cleaned using a different product but it still smelled. I took and cleaned his entire carpet today and it looks like I put down brand new carpet in his room! Play-Doh, wax from Wikki Stix, urine, feces and foot traffic.
I know I’m not the only autism mom with this issue so I will spread the word to help other autism families! Thank you!

Submitted 09/27/2018

Thank you for being the solution to ALL of my life’s ‘stinky’ problems! I tried EVERYTHING to get some urine spots up, but nothing worked. In complete desperation I went to Walmart to see if there was anything I hadn’t tried, and there was Kids N Pets. After using it, I couldn’t even tell where all the urine spots were because not only was the smell COMPLETELY gone, but the yellow stains too! Thank you, thank you, THANK you for creating KNP! I never miss an opportunity to recommend you guys.

Submitted 08/30/2018

I bought Kids ‘N’ Pets after our Great Dane had a great accident (more like 4 or 5 after flu like virus) on the carpet. Nothing else even touched the smell. We worried we would have to replace the carpet. This stuff knocked it out fast! This product is amazing! I love that it is non toxic and I don’t have to worry about the pets walking in the carpet with their little paws then licking it off and getting sick.


I just love this product!!!!! Where have you been! I used it on some old pee stains and the smell was gone! It’s truly magic! Thank you!

Submitted 07/26/2018

I found your Stain & Odor Remover at Walmart a year ago. I had tried numerous other products before, with mixed results. We have 3 dogs that were adopted from our local shelter. They were all adult dogs when adopted, and were not previously house broken. We have had a LOT of accidents on our carpet. Your product is the only thing that has provided any degree of consistent success. It works great on urine spots. It seems that the vomit spots are the hardest to get the stains out of, and usually have to be treated multiple times. I find that pouring it on works better than spraying as it gets deeper into the carpet.

We are getting ready to clean our carpets, so am going to try your product for carpet shampooing machines. Hoping that it works as well as the stain and odor remover.


I cannot believe what your Kids ‘N’ Pets Instant All Purpose Stain & Oder Remover  did!!  I love you guys!!  I had just shampooed all my carpets and 2 days later a visitor with a big black lab came in the house.  The dog immediately went to my porch area and peed- a lot. I have several brands of animal cleaner and tried 2 of them with absolutely zero results. Then I tried yours, again following the instructions to a tee, and guess what, it took the stain AND the stink right out!  I went to your web site to find out where I might have purchased your product, and found our Walmart has it.  So I will get another bottle right away.

Thank you!

– Gladie
Submitted 03/30/2018

“I love your all-purpose stain and odor remover. I even give it as gifts!”

– Caitlyn
Submitted 02/26/2018

I have 1 dog and 3 cats and the mess they make is unbelievable. My dog is getting older and has a bladder control problem. One of my cats is a stray and sometimes forgets to use the litter box. Can you imagine the smell? I had been using a pretty expensive cleaner to shampoo everything and I still couldn’t get rid of the stink.  So on a whim I purchased your product, Kids ‘N’ Pets Stain & Odor Remover. I sprayed my carpet and couch one day and let it dry.  My kids and I both could immediately smell the difference. It’s such a great product and so affordable! You have a very happy and satisfied customer here!

– Renee from California

I recently tried the Kids ‘N’ Pets Instant All Purpose Stain & Oder Remover on my carpet for a large dog urine soiled area. I have to admit after using several different carpet cleaners and home remedies with no resolution prior to finding this product at Walmart, I was skeptical! Thank you for a miracle solution to a smelly situation!

– Stacy

I love Kids ‘N’ Pets. It is such a life saver at our home. I am a married working mother of three beautiful children and I can honestly say we never go without kids and pets in our cleaning arsenal. The smell is amazing. We have used it on everything from pee accidents to vomit at our house. It has defiantly saved our brand new carpet a time or two. Keep it up we love this product and often recommend it to our friends.

– Shirley from Ohio
Submitted 09/22/2017

We live on a ranch in a trailer and the ranch raises whitetail deer. We have several fawns that we care for while they are little or sick. The safest place for them is in our home. We keep them in bathrooms or laundry area, but sometimes they have accidents on our carpet that we wish we didn’t have. I found this product at Walmart. It is a great product, it works. It removes stains and smells from carpets. I love it.

– Steve and Leicel from Texas
Submitted 09/19/2017

I cannot imagine being without Kids ‘N’ Pets stain and odor remover. It’s so effective that even my dogs cannot tell where they have had an accident before. It’s my intention to use this in my ‘new’ rental to erase precious pet outdoors. I LOVE KIDS ‘N’ PETS!

– Patti from California

I just want to say I wish I discovered the Kids and pets brand product much sooner. It works AMAZING! It’s gotten out every odor I’ve tried it on so far. Pet urine out of carpet, smelly sweaty sneakers, and I even sprayed each part of my vacuum cleaner individually because it smelled like dog. Just saved myself from going to buy a new vacuum. I will never buy another odor remover ever.  This stuff is a life and money saver! I have recommended this product to other people and will continue to do so! Thanks for putting out such a wonderful product that ACTUALLY WORKS!

– Heather
Submitted 09/18/2017

I sprayed KIDS ‘N’ PETS on the straps and outside of my child’s backpack from last year and it came out so clean, you would’ve thought it was a brand new backpack. Also, after our puppy had a major accident all over the inside of the car, KIDS ‘N’ PETS made it so easy to clean up and the smell instantly disappeared.

– Sarah from Michigan
Submitted 09/14/2017

We have been using your product for several months now and to be honest I do not think there is another product on the market that even can compare to it. We finally found a product that cleans everything and smells good in the process. We just cannot say enough good things about Kids ‘N’ Pets. Thank you so much for a great product.

– Dennis from Oregon
Submitted 09/12/2017

Had 2-3 year old pet vomit stains on a blue carpet and never expected the results I got from this KIDS ‘N’ PETS stain remover would be so mind blowing!!! Gone-Gone-Gone are the stains!!!!!  Thank you for a great product!

– Becky
Submitted 08/31/2017

Thank you thank you THANK YOU for such an amazing product that saved the carpet in our new home!

Our cat will go outside his box if it’s not cleaned at the exact same time every single day. I tried everything to get the horrible smell out and NOTHING worked. I was afraid we’d have to tear out the carpet so soon after moving in.

I tried Kids ‘N’ Pets on a whim after a professional-strength cleaner left a horrible chemical odor and didn’t eliminate the cat smell. Kids ‘N’ Pets worked in minutes—my ultra-sensitive nose couldn’t detect a trace of the odor! I can’t thank you enough—you’ve converted me into a forever customer!

– Margo from Washington
Submitted 08/01/2017

We have 10 cats and boy do they make a mess. The instant all purpose stain and odor product is awesome I’ve got my neighbor using it and my sister. I hope this helps to keep this product on the shelves. I even told a friend of mine that works with animals.

– Crystal from North Carolina
Submitted 07/10/2017

We were getting ready to have a whole room of carpet replaced due to someone vomiting in a corner and not telling anyone. It soaked into the pads and smelled terrible. I tried to shampoo the carpet, I used baking soda, I used other odor removers to no avail. After one use of Kids n Pets the odor was almost totally removed. After a second application the smell was gone!! You have an amazing product and I will be recommending it to anyone that I can!!! Thank you!

– Jesse from Arizona
Submitted 06/05/2017

Love Kids N Pets! About 10 years ago my husband spilled diesel additive in the rear of my Tahoe on the carpet. My entire vehicle smelled like diesel fuel. I shampooed the carpet and used every cleaner I could think of and nothing took away the horrible smell. That is when I discovered Kids N Pets. It did take 4 or 5 bottles to get the smell out but it worked! I have been using it ever since on many things. Thank you for a great product!

– Wendy from Wisconsin
Submitted 03/22/2017

A few days after my beloved pup had to be put down due to renal failure, I found myself noticing little stains from where he had been having accidents. I put on my brave face and attempted to clean them. The steam vac did okay, but it was still noticable. So I bit the proverbial bullet and went on a hunt for something, anything, that would clean it. I came across this product and thought “Well for the price I might as well try it!” I am so happy I did! I literally didn’t have to do anything and the stains just disappeared! Thank you so much for creating a cruelty free product that not only works but is safe for me to use around my kiddo and other dogs. You are amazing!

– Christine from Florida
Submitted 03/16/2017

OMG! This is the best stuff EVER! I’ve worked in the pet business for 20 years now and this lives up to all those other guys promises. Not only does Kids’n’Pets remove stank nasty stains but it also has a refreshing non-chemically smell.

– Stanna from Arkansas

I love and swear by your Instant All-Purpose Stain & Odor Remover! I tell everyone about it and always make sure to have some at home. Thank you for making such terrific products.  Keep up the great work!

– Barbara from Florida
Submitted 11/01/2016

I use your Instant All-Purpose Stain & Odor Remover and love the results! It works wonders on pet and human urine stains and odor. I will continue to use this product and let others know how great it works. Thank you for the excellent product!

– Florence from California
Submitted 10/10/2016

I can’t get enough of this product and how well it works! I’ve seen it get rid of urine, vomit, blood – it even helped relieve a skunk spray odor! I cannot say enough good things about KIDS ‘N’ PETS and how well it works. Not to mention, it’s safe not only for your children and pets but the environment as well. I’ve been using it forever and I highly recommend it! It is really amazing!!

– Jillian from California
Submitted 09/08/2016

This product is truly amazing! We have friends and family who smoke and it’s always been a nightmare for us to remove the smoke odor after they visit. After many expensive failed attempts using other name brand products that promised to work, we found yours and it has been a blessing! Within 15 minutes of spraying your product the smoke smell is practically undetectable! We’re so happy to have found your product and no longer dread the clean-up after our smoking friends visit!

– Shari from Ohio
Submitted 08/21/2016

My husband ordered your Instant All-Purpose Stain & Odor Remover to get rid of the smell that had absorbed into our mattress. We love our mattress and didn’t want to part with it but we were at our last straw trying to remove the smell – other sprays, airing it out outside, etc., nothing worked! We got KIDS ‘N’ PETS and I’m still in shock and awe that the smell is completely gone!! It’s amazing. We started to spray other items like our closets and diaper genie and yes, it made those smells vanish as well! Such a great product, I will be ordering more and more!

– Heidi from Wisconsin
Submitted 08/16/2016

I am delighted beyond words with this product! Woohoo! I love KIDS ‘N’ PETS, it’s the only one that works. I will be heading to the store to buy more. Thank you!

– Claire C.
Submitted 08/08/2016

I have been using your Instant All-Purpose Stain & Odor Remover for a month now and am sooo amazed at how wonderful this product is! I have used it on vomit and on wine and it works magically. Way to go on a truly fantastic product. I wouldn’t change a thing!

– Beverly from South Carolina
Submitted 07/25/2016

I’ve been using your KIDS ‘N’ PETS  spray for the past four years and I love it. I’m a mom of four kids and a Doberman and I use KIDS ‘N’ PETS in my carpet shampooer, in my laundry, in everything! I buy at least 2-4 bottles at a time and I always tell people about your product. My first experience with KIDS ‘N’ PETS was when my two-year old had the flu and threw up chocolate milk all over my cream carpet. I headed to Walmart for something to clean-up the aftermath. Most of the cleaning products had strong smells or bleaching agents in them but the KIDS ‘N’ PETS bottle caught my eye and I decided to give it a try. Back home I had already used my steamer carpet cleaner but the stain didn’t come up and the smell was still there. I pulled out the KIDS ‘N’ PETS bottle and sprayed it on the dirty, smelly throw-up spot. After a couple hours of soaking, the stain was barely noticeable! And, there was no smell or bleached out color on my carpet! THANK YOU KIDS ‘N’ PETS!

– Leslie B.
Submitted 06/15/2016

KIDS ‘N’ PETS is the best product I’ve ever used for removing stains and odors from our carpets. It’s the only product we buy for that purpose! I’ve also found that KIDS ‘N’ PETS is amazing for laundry! A few ounces added to the wash and is removed the urine odors from our toddler’s bed-wetting accidents.

– Hamilton from Illinois
Submitted 06/10/2016

This is the BEST product ever! I have a 9 year old Maltese that has run of the house and occasionally when I work late she has an accident. Your KIDS ‘N’ PETS  All- Purpose Spray took care of it completely! It was a miracle! THANK YOU!

– Mary from Illinois
Submitted 05/31/2016

I love your product and have been using it for years! I have three beagles and I refuse to use any cleaners with strong chemicals. Your product cleans better and faster that the products on the grocery shelf that contains harmful ingredients. I highly recommend to all pet owners that they have a couple bottles of KIDS ‘N’ PETS on hand!

– JoAnne from Florida
Submitted 04/22/2016

After purchasing product after product, I thought I would try one more and purchased your KIDS ‘N’ PETS Stain & Odor Remover. This stuff really works!! Between my white carpet and a cat with a sensitive stomach, I had stains that I was sure were going to be permanent. Now, instead of calling professional carpet cleaners every four weeks, I use KIDS ‘N’ PETS! This is my go-to product from now on and I will recommend it to everyone. I am also so delighted to see that it is kid, pet and environmentally safe.

– Lois from California
Submitted 04/02/2016

I had a lovely pastel t-shirt that I had spilled coffee on and then forget to pre-treat before I washed it, resulting in a giant stain. I wanted to wear it for Easter and tried everything to remove the old stain – stain remover soap, dish soap, etc. Finally I had the idea to spray it with KIDS ‘N’ PETS and re-wash it. Afterwards the entire stain was gone!!  I cannot believe it, it was a miracle!

– Catherine E.
Submitted 03/28/2016

We have four dogs, one of which was very sick this week, creating a horrible mess. I picked up a bottle of your product at Walmart and am blown away by how amazing it is! I just ordered an entire case to have on hand. It’s a “miracle in a bottle” for any pet owner!

– Patty J.
Submitted 02/13/2016

I bought KIDS ‘N’ PETS last night because of the massive amounts of rave reviews and I have to say, I am completely impressed (which isn’t an easy task).

This stuff cleaned 5 month old Sharpie ink out of beige carpet. I wish I would have taken a before and after picture.
From this point on, I will always have a bottle of this in my house!

– Larry from North Carolina
Submitted 10/28/2015

My husband and I took in a Siberian Husky last year that came from a really bad situation.. as a result he has had issues urinating on a lot of things in our home, including our brand new couch..We have purchased cleaner after cleaner and they have covered up the smell for a short time before coming back again. We purchased your product just a few days ago and I have to admit I was pretty skeptical because none of the other cleaners I purchased had worked yet.. I started by spraying this on our couch and there is absolutely no odor left anywhere on the couch!!! I am EXTREMELY pleased with this product and I plan on having a bottle in my home at all times. I would recommend this to anyone. I would give this a 10/10. I absolutely love it, thank you so much!!!

– Oakley from Arizona
Submitted 10/02/2015

I do love this product. The best I have used yet…and I have used many many! Now I can stop spending money on advertised products that just don’t work. Thank you KIDS ‘N’ PETS for a great product.

– Karin from Cottage Hills
Submitted 09/30/2015

I had an absolutely terrible mess on my couch from two large dogs who decided to urinate on it in the same spot. I tried everything on it and was going to just get a new couch. It is a micro suede couch and it is not easy to get urine out of. I researched it online and saw that someone had said that your product was amazing. I went right away and got two bottles of your product, sprayed it on, let it soak in, as much as it could. Then waited for it to dry with no fan on it. It IMMEDIATELY took the smell and the stain out of it. You saved me over $2000 on this. I use it for everything now and absolutely LOVE it!! I tell everyone to buy your products!!!

– Sharon from Michigan
Submitted 07/27/2015

WOW I went to “STUFF”MART to buy woolite pet / odor remover and as I was turning to put the spray bottle in my cart your bottle which was out of place caught my eye. The bottle looked like something that was made for REAL people not just a bottle that was made for marketing purposes. I recently bought a used car and some how bypassed the strange smell that I noticed after I gave my money. The smell was awful and all the other products just made it wet, messy and smelly “ER”.

I love your product. I used the whole bottle and plan on buying another one to fix our Suburban which we bought from a family that has ten children. There is hope for the Chevy.

– Damon from South Carolina
Submitted 06/23/2015

Do yourself a favor

This truly is the best upholstery, carpet and fabric cleaner in the world. I have yet to find a stain it doesn’t remove. It has tackled everything in my life from: smokey car upholstery, worked in red lipstick stain on a car seat, ink on clothes, every pet stain you can imagine (some years old-I know, bad us), and even removed moth ball stink. It works to refresh mattress and even just stale house air in the winter. My friends never believe this product is so amazing until they try it. Do yourself a favor and ignore the carpet cleaning pins on Pinterest and buy this instead!

– Jessica from Tennessee
Submitted 05/29/2015

Amazing Product

“I love this cleaner. It’s the only one I like to use because it is safe to have around kids. It doesn’t have a strong chemical smell at all, in fact it smells quite good! Then on top of that it works great too! Odors and stands disappear!!”

Submitted 08/20/2012

Absolutely amazing

“This stuff will, 100%, remove pet odors. I have a small, older dog who has lots of accidents, and after using this product, you can’t even tell. I just pour it onto the spot, and let it air dry. A smell test later gives a faintly “chemical clean orange” smell, and not a single bit of dog (or cat) urine.”

Submitted 08/12/2012